This Would Be A Dream Come True

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Being a part of a sex party like this is perhaps my number one fantasy. Even though I am older now and past my clubbing days I still fantasise about it on occasion so you can imagine how intense it was when I was a teen and the only things on my mind was pussy and partying.

This one in particular looks like it is extra fun as they’ve gotten their hands on whipped cream. I saw this one scene on here where a guy is fucking a chick with an opened champagne bottle, not all the way in though, just the narrow end really, and the champagne blasts out of her. While it looks crazy hot and like she’s loving it, as a guy I can’t help but wonder if it doesn’t hurt at all? They wouldn’t have done it if it did I suppose.

Of course these specific scenes are are arranged by porn networks, it’s not like they’re actual parties but i do wonder if parties like this exist and how you’d ever get invited to one. It’s certainly a lot more appealing than a swinger’s party.

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