This is the best way to learn about sex

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It seems that the more that I learn about sex the more I realize just how little I do know. I’ve always thought I was a confident guy, at least to my recollection I’ve always been able to pleasure a girl in bed. Looking back however maybe there are a few things that I can improve on, and honestly what’s the harm in trying?

The more we learn about sex, life, loving, you know all the good things the better our lives will be. If you can give a girl the ultimate pleasure in bed you can bet that she is always going to be coming back to you for more. Not only does that give you confidence, it also gives your cock some seriously hot motivation to do more.

I know there are some very headstrong men out there. I actually think I was one of them. In retrospect though I know that I’m much better off now then I ever was before. Maybe it’s about time that you took a similar stance, be a real man for once and stop pretending to be!