The Science Behind Websites That Offer Free Fuck Buddies

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What’s the big deal about websites that offer sex with free fuck buddies like What’s going on with them? What is the big reveal? Well, believe it or not, science actually governs a lot of things that are present in the human experience. Now, I’m not saying that science can fully explain the human condition, but it can go a long way.

Nobody’s claiming that we’re just basically isolated brains in a chemical soup in some sort of glass jar and the reality that we’re talking about and that we’re sharing is essentially a dream. Nobody’s claiming that. That is the ultimate logical extension of this whole idea of science and predictability as far as the human condition and experience are concerned. Nobody’s claiming that.

Instead, when it comes to free fuck buddies, there is such a thing as hormonal signals, there is such a thing as trauma associations, as well as pleasure associations. By using these psychological and pharma-psychological realities, we can come up with some sort of predictable framework to increase our chances of hooking up at such websites.

Now, this is a pipe dream to many geeks. Let’s face it, if you’re a science nerd, you are probably very excited about the whole idea of converting success finding free fuck buddies into some sort of equation that you only need to fill in with the right numbers and you get a predictable result time and time again.

Unfortunately, human beings are not like that. While there is a certain degree of predictability in terms of how we behave in certain circumstances and when certain conditions are present, it can only go so far. Ultimately, there is still art involved. Ultimately, it is all about being able to spot opportunities or create opportunities and do the right thing at the right time with the right people to produce the right results.

This takes experience. This takes attention to detail. It’s not a slam dunk. So keep that in mind because a lot of guys think that it’s all about hooking up online or offline. It’s really all about science and sending off the right pheromones, and all the right neurotransmitters are firing.

I’m not denying that, at a certain level, all that is true, but there’s something more. Because if we’re just brains in some sort of chemical soup, then why haven’t we replicated ourselves yet? Why haven’t we come up with a better reality instead of what we have? Do you see how this all falls apart?